Designed and Made in Wycombe

Our story

CI Design creates contemporary open space furniture that elegantly unites modern but timeless design with manufacturing techniques and the craftsmanship and durability of traditional skills. It is this emphasis on sustainable furniture solutions made in England that sits at the heart of CI design.

We are proud to be founded and based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire; a place firmly rooted within the furniture trade since the 1680s. 

In the 19th century, Wycombe was the chair making capital of the world due to the high level of Windsor chairs manufactured here and today it still holds significance as the home for many furniture companies.

Delivering modern furniture solutions

At CI Design we have a vision and years of experience in the furniture industry. We saw the changing nature of work over the past decade and identified the needs for office furniture that is designed and curated for the modern workplace; one that inspires and promotes flexibility, collaboration and positive wellbeing.

Our range of sustainable and stylish office furniture, beginning with the Othello collection, meets that need and creates open environments tailored to evolving business practices. 

We create our designs for our unique open space furniture solutions within Buckinghamshire and employ local craftsmen. Every piece is made in the UK to the highest quality; ensuring long lasting, sustainable and durable design in your workplace.

To discover the benefits of CI Design open space furniture for your office environment, contact us now.

Our Expertise

CI furniture is designed with detail in mind. All of our furniture delivers exquisite, contemporary design and durability to your working environment by combining a modern aesthetic with manufacturing expertise and traditional skills. 

With project management and furniture consultancy experience, we pride ourselves on being able to fully understand and interpret the needs of our customers. Whatever your requirements, we can guarantee a bespoke service tailored to meet your needs.

We believe in an honest approach. Honesty is at the forefront of our design, manufacturing principles and delivery process. 

At CI Design we know the importance of our furniture being made to high quality standards, according to the specification and delivered on time. We offer high quality, modern furniture solutions to meet evolving work spaces. 

CI Design offers style, a personalized service and 40 years experience in manufacturing and craftsmanship; providing sustainable and durable furniture options. 


We offer sustainable furniture solutions, designed and manufacture in England, and we employ local craftsmen. All our materials are responsibly sourced and we operate with a very low carbon footprint. Every piece is made in the UK to the highest quality; ensuring long lasting, sustainable and durable design in your workplace.