The Othello Collection comprises of sustainable and comfortable furniture with a view for better living. Our range of stylish tables, benches and stools, are designed to meet modern workplace needs by creating open environments that facilitate flexibility and collaboration. 

Sustainability, comfort, durability! Othello tables, benches and stools are elegantly designed and robustly constructed. They are built to last from both the design and the manufacture aspect.  

The Collection

Othello table

The tables vary in sizes from boardroom tables, to meeting tables, desks and coffee tables. The table top also varies in shape, from rectangular, to square, to round or elliptical shapes. Othello comes in a variety of finishes, contact us for more information regarding our sizes, finishes and timbers.

The Collection

Othello curved bench

The curved bench offers a unique look and adds a bespoke feel to your work environment. Pair our curved benches with the elliptical or round tables for a harmonious and ergonomic work setting that stands out!

The Collection

othello straight bench

Our build to last, yet elegant benches come in a variety of sizes, tailored to your needs. A personal touch can be added with the use of colour specified for the fabric. A personal touch can be added by using colour inside the groove of the leg detail creating a unique look - an elegant or playful look can be created.

The Collection

othello stool

The Othello stools present themselves with either a round or square seating shape, offering diversity, durability, comfort and style. Accents of colour can be added by coloring the groove detail of the leg.